Your Bachelorette Party – Goodbye Crazy, Hello Crafty

If the thought of spending an evening throwing back shots on a dance floor while outrageously loud music thumping your eardrums makes your head spin, you may want to consider throwing a crafty bachelorette party instead. Many brides are now opting for bachelorette parties that allow them to spend a relaxing day or evening with their best gal pals. Time spent sipping wine (yes, our studio is BYOB), nibbling on bites, chatting and getting creative.

Or maybe you do enjoy the club scene but would like some unique ideas for a bachelorette party. Brides choose our craft studio for their bachelorette party for all different types of reasons. Some like the laid-back approach, some like to be creative, while others want their bridal party to be able to go home with a handmade creation to commemorate the occasion.

Bachelorette Party Destination

If you’re a bride who is devoting an entire day or even weekend to bachelorette activities you’re probably looking for several ideas for a bachelorette party. Scottsdale is a premier destination for bachelorette parties. It has great restaurants, spas, clubs and craft studios and you can enjoy them all in celebration of your big day!

bachelorette party at a craft studio

Food & Drink

Our studio is BYOB, which means you can bring your own alcoholic beverages to enjoy during your bachelorette party, any day after 4pm. Some of our projects have a special BYOB policy, which you can learn more about here. You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages as well, any time of day. You can also bring your own food and snacks to enjoy while you craft.

Bachelorette Party Size

We do not require a minimum number of guests to host your bachelorette party at our craft studio. Feel free to bring one friend or thirty-one of them! If you would like to have the studio all to yourself for your party, we also offer private events. If you have interest in a private event, contact us for more info.

bachelorette party string art

Project Selection

You and your bridal party can choose from any of our 100+ projects, everyone in your party does not have to create the same thing. When you choose individual projects, everyone works at their own pace using our self-guided tutorials. But don’t worry, our friendly staff members are there to assist you at any step in the process.

For groups of 11 or more, we can also offer an instructor-led class if everyone in your bridal party creates the same type of project. If you have fewer than 11 people in your party and would like to have an instructor-led class for your bachelorette party, contact us for pricing.

bachelorette party at a craft studio

Dress and Decor

While we do provide aprons for each guest to wear, most of our projects utilize paint and/or wood stain at some point in the process so we recommend that you do not wear your best, most expensive clothes to our studio.

group of girls who made marbled coasters for a bachelorette party

Our most popular craft project for bachelorette parties is by far our string art, but if you would like recommendations for “non-messy” projects so that you can dress to the nines, take a look at our wine glass etching, dream catchers, large paper flowers or marbled coaster projects.

You are welcome to bring decorations for your bachelorette party to decorate either your table(s) or the entire studio if you have reserved a private event. Just make sure to leave a little room for crafting 😁.


Prices for all of our projects are listed on our website in the browse projects section. If you would like pricing to rent out the entire studio for a private party or pricing to have an instructor for a group of less than 11 people, contact us.

Booking your Bachelorette Party

You can make a reservation online for parties of up to 10 people using our Reserve a Seat & Pick Any Project option. You’ll choose the date and time along with the project you would like to create. While you’ll preselect the project you would like to work on, you’ll choose things like wood stain and paint colors at our studio during your visit.

For groups of 11 or more, interest in an instructor-led class or renting out the entire studio for a private event, contact us and we would be delighted to help you plan your event.

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t shirts that say Bride and Bride's tribe

Did you know you can also create your own custom bachelorette party shirts at our studio!

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