Wooden Pet Memorial Poem for the Loss of a Pet

Napoleon. He was…is…the love of our lives. A stubborn, smart, comical, sweet, short-haired red dachshund who made our lives whole. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and Napoleon was a part of our lives for 15 and half of them. In April of 2024 his wings were ready; our hearts were not.

Two months later we are still trying to figure out how to go on without him. I think that is something we will be trying to figure out for the rest of our lives.

man holding a dachshund

My husband was hit particularly hard by the loss and I struggled to find ways to lessen his pain.

I knew Napoleon would not want to see him so sad and would have found a way to bring happiness to his life again. He would want his dad to love again. And he would not want his dad to feel guilty about it or feel like he was replacing him. He knew he would always hold a special place in his heart.

So, I took what I knew Napoleon would want and engraved his words into a wooden heart. I think this poem speaks for all dogs and what they would want for the loved ones they have left behind. I hope this pet memorial poem will help other people who are dealing with the loss of a pet.

Pet Memorial Poem – Someday You Will Understand

I'm sorry I left a hole in your heart,
I did it because I love you.
Someday you will understand.

The hole you feel is not because I have left you.
I'm still there and forever will be.

When my time came, I spread my wings, strong and high.
But not because of my need to fly.
I spread them wide, to and fro
And in that moment, I created a hole.

A hole that has opened a new place in your heart,
Ensuring forever we will never be apart.

Love again just as fiercely as you loved me,
For in your heart, I will always be.
The hole you can fill with your love for another,
Right alongside of me.

I'm sorry I left a whole in your heart,
I did it because I love you.
Someday you will understand.

Personalize your Wooden Pet Memorial Poem:

  • Add your pet’s name
  • Choose from a selection of dog/cat images
  • Leave the wooden heart a Natural wood color or choose Oak, Pine or Grey wood stain. Please note: all wood absorbs stain differently, some may turn out lighter or darker than the examples shows.

Wooden Heart Dimensions

The wooden heart is approximately 11.6″W x 11.8″H. The thickness of the wooden heart can range from approximately 0.12″ to 0.20″ depending on the current lot of wood we have in stock. Includes a stand so that you may display the front or back of the poem.

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Author: Nicole Bolin