Wooden Ladder


Approximately 72″H x 20″W.

Choose any color paint and wood stain from our collection. Shown here in classic grey wood stain, topped with a white dry-brush. You can add the stenciled words or leave them off, your choice. Blankets not included.  This wood ladder can also be used to hold blankets, towels, scarves or anything else you can think of.  If you’re using this for scarves, another available stencil is “Fashion Changes, Style Remains” (see the illustration below).  Have an idea for a custom stencil? We can do that!

With this project you will build the ladder yourself, stain it and stencil it.

Price: $55

You can create this project by stopping in during one of our open studio times or you can reserve a seat and SAVE $5 off the price of this project.