Wooden GROW Planters

grow planters
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grow planters

If you find your plants aren’t quite sure what they are supposed to do, then these planters are for you!

Each planter is approximately 4″ square. The inside will be coated in a sealant so that you may use these boxes for real plants if you like.

Choose any color paint and wood stain from our collection.

With this project you will assemble the planters with wood glue and a brad nail gun*,  stain the wood and stencil them.  If you prefer not to use the nail gun we would be happy to do that portion for you.

Price: $40 for the set (plants not included)

*Alcohol cannot be consumed before or during use of the brad nailer. Once the portion of your project that requires the brad nailer is complete, you are welcome to enjoy any alcoholic beverages you have brought with you. Alternatively, we can perform the brad nailing step for you, so that you may enjoy your alcoholic beverage.