Some paint may come in a bag instead of a cup. Dispense the paint from the bag into the plastic cup BUT ONLY AS YOU NEED TO USE THE PAINT (so they don’t dry out while you are doing other steps). Reference the instructions below for dispensing.

Over time, the components of the paint can separate – if you can see different colors in your paint, you will want to gently mix before dispensing. To mix – hold the bag upright and grasp the Ziplock to keep it closed while you “massage” the paint with your other hand.

Lay the bag flat in your hand, then pinch the corner to push the liquid back then snip the pinched corner off with scissors (pinching the liquid back keeps it from dripping out right after snipping the bag).

Squeeze the liquid out into the cup.  Make sure to hold the Ziploc portion together firmly so it doesn’t pop open from back pressure. For some projects, other kit supplies may have come packed in your plastic cup. Remove those supplies and set them aside so you can use the cup.

Creating your Welcome Mat

Watch the video below for instructions on how to create your welcome mat.