Got the Post-Holiday Blues? These Winter Decorating Tips Will Lift Your Spirits

bedroom decorated for winter

I don’t know about you but come the first week of January, I’m feeling some post-holiday blues. All the festive family gatherings have ended and all the decorations have come down. The house feels bare. At this point you might be feeling like winter is over but the truth is, it’s really only just begun and now is a great time for some winter decor. A lot of people (myself included) tend to equate winter with Christmas but in terms of decor, they are two totally different beasts. I’m going to give you some winter decorating tips, tricks and DIY projects that’ll spruce up your home and lift your spirits at the same time. Not only that, they’ll also give you something to do while you hunker down inside, whether it’s because you’re trying to avoid the frigid outdoor temps or you’re staying home because of the omicron variant.

Decorating on a Budget

As you may have heard, I’m all about decorating on a budget and I can’t think of any other month where everyone needs to be more budget conscience than January. January is the month we have to pay off all our holiday gifts purchases and entertaining expenses, so let’s start with the best ways to save money when decorating for the new year.

Shop the Holiday Clearance

A lot of holiday decor that is sold during the Christmas season is winter-related so you can use that to your advantage when decorating your home come January. After Christmas has passed, stores put all that holiday decor on clearance which makes it a great time to scoop up some winter-themed decor at bargain prices. You can often find these items anywhere from 30-80% off their original retail price! Check out my Decorating Tips below to find the best holiday decor items to purchase from the clearance department.

DIY Projects

Another way to save money is to make the decorations yourself. Check out some blog posts I’ve created for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wood log chargers, snowflake window clings and birch logs.

DIY wood log charger
DIY Wood Log Chargers
Snowflake window clings sunset panoramic view
DIY Snowflake Window Clings
birch logs stacked
DIY Birch Logs

Repurpose your Christmas Tree

winter decorating tips - Christmas tree wrapped in cozy blanket

Nothing says winter more than evergreen trees. So having a pine tree or its branches on display throughout your home is a great way to bring the wintery outdoors, inside.

Your Christmas tree can be repurposed in one of two ways. One option is to remove all the ornaments, lights and decorations from your tree. Then remove the tree skirt and replace it with a cozy neutral colored blanket wrapped around the base of the trunk, or place it in a large pot or basket.

winter decorating tips pine branches in a vase

If you have a real tree, the second option is to cut some of the branches off your tree before discarding it, then place the branches in vases, trays or baskets all around your home. If you don’t have a real tree, chances are at least one of your neighbors does. You could either ask them if you could cut branches from theirs before they toss it or simply wait until you see a street lined with discarded trees, then take a nice long walk with a pair of clippers in tow.

Winter Decorating Tips

If you celebrate Christmas, the key to using holiday decor as winter decor is to stay away from anything red or red and green in color or anything markedly related to Santa, his elves or reindeer. Greenery itself is ok to use, in fact it’s a great decorating option for some winter-themed decor (cue the repurposed Christmas tree). Other items which are sold as Christmas decor that make great winter decorations are things like:

  • Miniature sleds, skis, snowshoes and ice skate decor
  • Snowflake items
  • Candles and candle sticks
  • Deer, moose, elk and bear items
  • Flannel pillows, blankets, placemats or table runners
  • Faux fur pillows, blankets and table runners
  • Ornaments that are silver, gold or white in color
  • Forest creatures such as fox, squirrels, bunnies and birds
  • Birch logs, real or fake
  • Pine cones

As long as the items listed above are not red or red and green in color they can be used for your winter themed decor. Silver and gold ornaments placed into a large bowl on a coffee table make a simple yet elegant decoration. Swap out your Christmas bedding, living room or tablescape decor for flannel prints and/or faux fur in neutral colors like beige, white or grey.

winter decorating tips - fireplace mantel greenery

Place greenery and pine cones along a fireplace mantle, a bookshelf or entry table. Liz Marie has a wonderful post on her blog about winter greens foliage that you can check out for more inspiration.

How I Decorated our Bedroom for only $36

Clearance Snow Gear

Target has some fun snow gear decor on clearance right now for 15-30% off. All these items come in a set of two: 2 sets of skis, 2 sets of sleds and 2 sets of snowshoes. They are originally $10 a set, but now on clearance they are anywhere from $7-$8.50 a set. I purchased all 3 sets of gear and hung them on either side of my bed.

winter decorating tips

Holiday Fleece

Joann has their holiday fabric on sale for 70% off! I purchased 3 yards of Moose print fleece for only $13.50 and used it to create both a blanket and throw pillow cover for my bed. If you haven’t already read my blog post Christmas Decor on a Budget check it out for some great tips on budget friendly ways to change out your bedding for each holiday/season. The Pine Trees above my bed (also noted in the Christmas Decor post) were something I put up as part of my Christmas decorations, but I really love them and they are still “wintery” so I decided to leave them up through the rest of winter.

winter decorating tips

I hope you enjoyed these winter decorating tips! I would love to see your winter decor, tag us on Facebook or Instagram @stencildiystudios.

Author: Nicole Bolin