Team Building Events

Team Building Events

team building activities for work

With so many crafts to choose from, both men and women will enjoy team building events at our craft studio.

a flow chart showing individual craft projects and team craft projects for a team building event. people holding up their completed craft projects and a ten working on a craft project together

Individual Projects

employees holding mini string art projects for a team building event

Option 1: Choose the same TYPE of project (like string art) & your event can be taught by an instructor. Everyone can choose their own design.

team building events

Option 2: Choose completely different projects & create them using our self-paced tutorials.

Single Team Projects

employee blind folded for a team building event

Choose a project for your team to work on together, taught by an instructor.

team building for remote workers

If your company has employees who work remotely, we can ship craft kits to them and offer a team building event via zoom.

budget friendly team building

In the rare event you are unable to find a project to fit within your budget, we’ll try to design a project to meet your needs.

woman relaxing at computer with cup of coffee

We’ll create a special webpage for your team building event with the project(s) you have selected. You can then send the link to your team members so that they may go online and select the project or design that they would like to create at the event. That means no one at your company has to collect, manage and communicate your team’s project choices.


If you choose from our individual craft projects, pricing is shown on our website for each craft project.

For “single” team projects that everyone works on as a team, pricing is based on the project you choose and the number of people attending. Click the button for more info.


For more information or to book a team building event, click the button or call us at 480-430-5503.