Team Building Events

Looking for a creative way to boost morale?

We can provide fun, unique projects for your next event.

  • Reserve a block of seats or rent out the entire studio
  • Projects for all budget types
  • Bring your own food/snacks
  • BYOB after 4pm
  • Choose from our available projects or we can create custom projects to meet your specific needs

Giant Motivational Jenga-Like Tower

Not only will your team have a great time creating this project, they’ll also have fun playing it at future company events. With 54 pieces, this set can accommodate almost any group size. Team members will stain and stencil their individual blocks with their choice of wood stain and paint colors. Choose team quotes, individual quotes or a combination of both! We have a selection of quotes available or we can create stencils with custom quotes for your team. Set stands approximately 11″W x 27″H.

Wooden Flag Banner

A great project to hang in the office, our wooden flag banner allows team members to express their individual creativity while at the same time working together to create a single project. Choose a word or phrase for your banner, then each person will choose from a selection of wood stain and paint colors to decorate and stencil a letter onto their individual flag(s). Each flag is approximately 5″W x 7″H.

wood flag banner

“Blind Communication” Wooden Sign

blind communicationWith this project, team members are paired up for an exercise in communication. One individual is blindfolded and given a paintbrush, while the other instructs them where to paint to stay within the stencil. Each team of 2 will stencil a single letter, before handing the paintbrush over to the next team. Team members take turns being either the painter or the communicator and are re-paired with new teammates each round, so that individuals have an opportunity to communicate with multiple people. At the end of this event you’ll have a wood sign to hang in your office. Wood sign is approximately 16″W x 20″H, with custom sizes also available.

Create Individual Projects

team event

If you prefer your team building event to entail a social engagement which allows everyone the chance to create an individual project they can take to home, you can choose from any of the 100+ projects on our website.

We can set up a special webpage for your event with the available projects that you have pre-selected based on your budget. The link can then be sent to team members so that they may go online and choose their project for the event.

For more information, or to request pricing, email us at or call 480-430-5503.