Team Building Events

Team Building Events

team building events

Our craft studio offers:

  • Fun, unique projects for team building events
  • Team building projects both men and women enjoy
  • Team building events via zoom if you have remote workers
  • Team building events for a variety of budgets
  • Individual projects for each employee or one project for a team to create together
  • Choose from our available projects or we can create custom projects to meet your specific needs
team building activities for work

With over 100 craft projects to choose from, both men and women will enjoy team building events at our craft studio. Our most popular craft for team builders is by far our string art projects. For string art, employees start by staining their wood in their choice of wood stain color. Next, they’ll hammer the nails into the wood using a template, then they’ll string the design in their choice of string colors.

We have over 20 different string art designs to choose from and can even create custom design templates for your team building event. Interested in setting up a String Art Team Building Event? Email or call us at 480-430-5503 for more info.

team building for remote workers

If your company has employees who work remotely we can ship craft kits to them and offer a team building event via zoom. Contact us for more info.

budget friendly team building

In the rare event you are unable to find a project to fit within your budget, contact us and we’ll try to design a project to meet your needs.

fun team building event

What’s the best part about team building at our studio? Employees can express their creativity and choose their own project, everyone does not have to create the same thing.

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After you have chosen the project(s) you would like to offer to your team, we can set up a special webpage for your team building event with the project(s) you have selected.

You can then send the special webpage link to your team members so that they can go online and select the project or design that they would like to create at the event. That means no one at your company has to collect, manage and communicate your team’s project choices. If you would like more info on setting up your team building event, email or call us at 480-430-5503.

Single Project Idea: “Blind Communication” Sign

If you’re interested in a single project for your team to work on together, our “Blind Communication” sign is a great team building activity.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Team members are paired up for an exercise in communication.
  • One individual is blindfolded and given a paintbrush, while the other instructs them where to paint to stay within the stencil.
  • Each team of two will have 60 seconds to stencil a single letter, before handing the paintbrush over to the next team.
  • Team members take turns being either the painter or the communicator so they get to experience both.
  • Teams are re-paired with new teammates each round, so that individuals have an opportunity to communicate with multiple people.

At the end of this event you’ll have a sign to hang in your office or break room. For this particular team building event, the company wanted their sign to say “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”.

Interested in additional “single” projects for your employees to work on together, as a team? Check out our Team Crafts for Team Building article.


If you choose from our individual craft projects, pricing is listed online for each craft project. For “single” team projects that everyone works on as a team, pricing is based on the project and the number of people attending. If you’re interested in pricing for a single team project, contact us for more info.


For more information or to book a team building event, email or call us at 480-430-5503.