String Art

Children should be supervised at all times during creation of their string art project.

Place several layers of newspaper or other protective covering over your work surface.

Remove the contents from the plastic cup and set them aside (you can pour them into the plastic bag if you like). Put on your gloves. Shake the tube of stain well, then empty the contents of the tube into the plastic cup.

Take a the cloth and use it to stain the front and sides of your wood (you will not stain the back). If you fold the cloth up into the size of a cotton ball, it will be less messy. Rub the stain on the wood in the same direction as the wood grain lines.

Remove your gloves, allow the wood to dry (it will feel damp, but shouldn’t feel wet) then place the design template on the front of your wood. Before you place your template on top of your wood, make sure the hanger on the back of the wood is on top,┬áso your design does not hang upside down.

hammer nail pinky height

Hammer the nails into each circle of the template. Hammer them about halfway into the wood. You will know you are about halfway when the head of the nail is just above the width of an ADULT pinky.

After you have hammered all the nails, rip the paper off.

Watch this video on how to string your design.