String Art Large

prickly pear string art
available mobile and team

Choose any color string and wood stain from our collection. Choice of white or brown nails. With these projects you will stain the wood, paint the stencil (if applicable), hammer the nails, string it and apply the hanging hardware. Recommended for ages 11 and up. Coming soon as a DIY@Home Craft Kit.

Price: $40

Plank String Art

The designs with 3 planks are approximately 10″x16″, designs with 4 planks are approximately 14″x16″. Planks can be assembled straight (prickly pear) or staggered (barrel cactus).

prickly pear cactus string art
Prickly Pear
barrel cactus string art
Barrel Cactus
pineapple string art
Horse string art
snowman string art
Saguaro Cactus
flamingo string art
Butterfly BeYOUtiful string art
ice cream cone string art
Ice Cream

Solid Board String Art

mountain string art
Mountain 12″x24″
AZ Home 8″x24″
Love paw print string art
Love Paw 16″x16″
paw print string art with name
Paw Print 16″x16″
dog mom string art
Dog Mom 16″x16″
dachshund string art
Dachshund 12″x24″
wine string art
Wine 16″x20″
meow string art
MEOW 8″x24″
donut string art
Donut 16″x16″
woof string art
WOOF 8″x24″
German shepherd string art
German Shepard 16″x16″
love string art
Love 16″x16″
Pit Bull String Art
Pit Bull 16″x16″
love string art wood blocks
Love Blocks 3.5″ square
illinois state string art

State String Art

Choose any state – sizes range from 16″x16″ to 16″x20″ depending on the state.

Add a string heart or the latitude and longitude of your home or add both, it’s up to you!

Check out our MINI String Art line for different designs, sized 8″x8″.