String Art Kids (6 designs)

ice cream cone string art
available mobile and team

This project is perfect for ages 5-10.  Unlike our other string art projects which are made of wood and require hammering nails, our kid’s version uses thick foam board which allows children to simply push the nails into the board.

Children will choose from a selection of colored tissue paper to wrap the foam board in.  Then using a template, they will push the nails into the board to create their outline.  They can then choose any color yarn from our collection to complete their design.  Approximate craft time: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Price: $20

Square designs are approximately 11.5″ square. Rectangle designs are approximately 11″x17″.

donut string art
spider string art
ice cream cone string art
Ice Cream Cone
unicorn string art
pumpkin string art
snowman string art