Enjoy a morning or crafternoon Sippin’ Coffee/Tea and Stringin’ Art with Stencil and Songbird!

Registration for the event has ended, but check out our next “At Home” Event!

Your kit includes a DIY@Home String Art Kit from Stencil and any 16 oz. drink from Songbird.

How do I get my kit?

Your craft kit and drink can be picked up on October 24th, 6am-2am at Songbird Coffee & Tee House located at 812 N. 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004. When you arrive to pick up your kit, you’ll place your order for your coffee at that time.

String Art Kits

For those that believe good things come in small packages, our mini string art projects are just the ticket – approximately 8″ square, these projects can go anywhere! You’ll choose your own wood stain, nail and string colors – you don’t have to do it the same way as the example.

With this project you will stain the wood, hammer the nails and string the design. Recommended for ages 11 and up.

Arizona Themed String Art

prickly pear string art
Prickly pear
Saguaro cactus string art
Barrel Cactus String Art
Barrel cactus
Arizona string art

Animal String Art

coyote string art
lion string art
Bunny string art
lizard string art
butterfly string art
bear string art
turtle string art
paw print string art
Paw print
Cardinal string art

Holiday String Art

pumpkin string art
Christmas lights string art
Christmas lights
Christmas tree string art mini
Christmas Tree
ghost string art
snowflake string art

Sports String Art

baseball string art
basketball string art

Miscellaneous String Art

alphabet string art
emoji string art
heart string art

All of our string art designs are available in any of our wood stain colors. You’ll also choose either brown or white nails.

All of our string art designs are available in any of the string colors shown below.

Our cactus designs come with a felt flower and you can choose from the colors shown below.

Below is a table showing what colors were used for each design above – but remember you can choose ANY color wood stain and string colors you prefer!

DesignWood StainString Color
ArizonaBrownWhite, Teal
Barrel CactusBrownGreen, Yellow, Teal
BaseballGreyWhite, Red
BasketballBrownOrange, Black
ButterflyBrownPink, Mint Green, Yellow
CardinalDriftwoodRed, Black, Orange, Brown
Christmas LightsBrownRed, Yellow, Green, Black
Christmas TreeDriftwoodEvergreen (red paint for nails)
EmojiBrownYellow, Red, Black
GhostBlackWhite, Black
HeartColor Not availableMint Green
LetterColor Not availableYellow
LizardGreyGreen, Yellow
Paw PrintBlackWhite
Prickly PearGreyGreen, Brown (magenta flower)
PumpkinBrownOrange, Peach, Dark Green, Twine
TurtleChampignonGreen, Brown

We can also create custom string art designs. If you’re interested in a custom design, please email us for more info.

DIY@Home String Art Kit Includes:

  • Written instructions with pictures
  • Online video tutorial (internet required)
  • Wood board
  • Wood stain
  • Stain cloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • String art template
  • Nails
  • String

You’ll also need (not included): Hammer & Scissors