Mother’s Day Flower Board Event

flower board

Mothers and children will work together to create a flower board with their names.  Recommended for ages 5-10.  Choose from a selection of different color fabrics and patterns for the background and letters.  Then choose up to 6 colors for the felt flowers.  You’ll use our die cutting machines to cut the letters and different flower designs to assemble any way you choose.  If a die cutting machine sounds hard and dangerous, don’t worry it’s not, even a 5 year old can use it!

The board is made of 1 inch thick hard foam, which you’ll cover in your choice of fabric and attach with straight pins.  The felt flowers are also attached with straight pins, while the letters are attached with Mod Podge.  Finally a ribbon is attached to the top so that it can hang on the wall.

This class is $10 per person/seat with a minimum of 2 people/seats per reservation.  Regardless of the number of seats you reserve, each family will work together on a single board.  Families with up to 4 reserved seats will receive a board approximately 12″H x 17″W (size shown in picture).  Families with 5 or more reserved seats will received a board approximately 16″H x 17″W.