Mood Art – 4 designs within 1 frame

dont forget to sparkle today

Mood Art lets you change your art when your mood changes!  With our Mood Art project you’ll create 4 different designs on 2 panels (one design on each side of the panel).  Both panels hang together, within the frame.  Turn the panels around and alternate their order to cycle through 4 different pieces of artwork within a single frame.  The frame can free-stand on a desk or table displaying a different design on each side, or it can hang on a wall and display a single design that you change out as your mood changes!

Approximately 13”W x 13″H x 2.5″D

Choose any wood stain and/or paint from our collection. Shown here in special walnut wood stain.  Choose from a selection of designs to decoupage your panels.

With this project you will assemble the frame with wood glue and a nail gun*, drill the holes* for the hooks, stain the wood and decoupage and stencil the panels.  If you prefer not to use the nail gun and/or drill press, we would be happy to do those portions for you. You must be at least 16 years of age to use the nail gun and drill press.  Approximate craft time: 3.5 hours

Price: $45 (includes 1 frame and 2 panels with 4 designs)

You can create this project by stopping in during one of our open studio times or you can reserve a seat online and SAVE $5 off the price of this project.

Choose from the selection of phrases below or we can design custom stencils with custom phrases for you.  Custom stencils are $3 each.

Available phrases:

  • Don’t forget to sparkle today
  • Do what you love
  • Life life in full bloom
  • Be awesome today
  • Be a warrior
  • Choose to shine
  • No rain, no flowers
  • Die with memories, not dreams
  • Failure is success in progress
  • You can’t legislate crazy

If you want to come back in the future and design new panels for your Mood Art, they are $15 for one panel or $20 for 2 panels.  Please note: the hooks within the frame can only hold a total of 2 panels at one time.

*This project has a special BYOB policy because it requires the use of a brad nailer and drill press. Alcohol cannot be consumed before or during the use of corded power tools. Once the portion of your project that requires corded power tools is complete (the brad nailer and drill press are used within the first 30 minutes of this project) you are welcome to enjoy any alcoholic beverages you have brought with you.   Alternatively, if you prefer not to use the brad nailer or drill press, we would be happy to do those portions for you.