Video-Log Slice

Nail Straightening Tool

Watch the video below to learn how to use the nail straightening tool.

Hammering your Nails

Place your template onto the wood, then hammer a nail into each circle of the template. Once you get 2 nails into the paper, it will no longer move around.

How far in do you hammer the nail?

Hold your index finger up sideways against the nail (see image below). When the head of the nail is just above the width of your finger, the nail is the proper height. Do not hold your finger next to the nail while hammering.

hammer nail pinky height

After you have hammered all the nails, rip the paper off.

Stringing Your Design

Watch the String Art Video below for how to string your design. Even though the design shown in this video may not match the design you are doing, it is the same process for stringing.

Please note: After you tie your knots do NOT trim the string right down to the knot (that will cause it to eventually unravel).  Leave about 1-2 inches of string and then simply tuck it into the design and it will camouflage right in.

If you chose white nails…

Sometimes the white paint on the nails chips off the head of the nail after repeated strikes with the hammer (this doesn’t happen with the brown nails). We have included a small tube of white paint and a q-tip if you would like to dab a spot of white paint onto the tops of the white nail heads AFTER you are done stringing.