Imaginative Uses for Your Old Bingo Cards

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Craft lovers are always looking for a new project to work on, making the most of anything they have on hand to create something new.

If this sounds like you, then there are a few items you might have on hand that could be reused and turned into something unique. This article will focus on one such item: bingo cards. These would usually just go to waste, but we’ll give you a few ideas for ways to put them to use.

The game we now know as bingo originates from the Italian lottery Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia, otherwise known as simply lotto. After making its way throughout Europe, bingo in its current standardized form eventually reached the U.S. during the 20th century. Bingo has certainly evolved since those days, and you’re more likely not to have many bingo cards left over at all these days. A lot of bingo is played online, with themed games adding to the appeal of the game. This can be seen on Gala Bingo, who have titles such as 80-ball and Bingo Beats for players looking to get their eyes down. They’re not alone in providing such a service, with themed bingo proving very popular; themed bingo is also found in physical locations and of course, that does include old bingo cards, when the games are conducted in person. As in most elements of craft, that leaves a by-product you can do some pretty neat things with.

With that in mind, here are three ways to turn any collected bingo cards into something that will be more useful during your everyday life. Best of all, these ideas will take a minimal amount of supplies, most of which are easily available from stores like Lowe’s or Target.

Vintage-themed Collages

While bingo has been modernized in a few ways (such as the aforementioned online bingo), many physical bingo cards still have a vintage look to them. Because of this, they’re great for creating old-school collages. If you happen to have some old photos or newspaper clippings, they can be combined with some appropriate bingo cards to create vintage artwork. Smaller collages would also work well as cards to send to friends or family.

Fancy Notepads

Bingo cards are generally the perfect size to work as the cover of notepads. If you’re planning your next creative work, it’s highly likely that you’ll be constantly jotting down new notes and ideas. This is where a notepad will be invaluable, and the right cover will help it stand out from the rest. Bingo cards are quite sturdy, being the perfect substitute for the usual plain cover than would normally be used in a commercial notebook. They’re also easy to repurpose, as all you need to do is punch holes through the bingo card and appropriately sized paper, then bind them together with string. You can even use many together and scribble on the back, making a hole notepad from your cards.

Quick and Easy Bag Tags

Want a simple way to customize your bag or purse? Why not turn some bingo cards into bag tags. Just like the last idea, there’s not much work involved in this one. Just take a card, cut a hole into the top, then thread some string through. A single card won’t be particularly strong, so gluing multiple together (or using a laminator) will be the best course of action.

The need to find a use for spare bingo cards probably won’t be a problem for much longer as more and more people head online, but for those that are left over, these ideas are a good way to put them to use. If you’re after some more inspiration, have a look at some upcycling projects completed by Nicole Bolin, Stencil’s Chief Creative Crafter.

Author: Paul Owen

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