IKEA Mirrored Coffee Table Hack

I was in the process of redecorating our family room and started looking for coffee table options. I really love all the mirrored furniture that is out there right now but it all seems to be a bit pricey. Cue IKEA.  While they don’t sell mirrored furniture per se, they do sell mirrors and they do sell furniture soooo it was time for an IKEA hack.

I decided to start with an inexpensive table top and chose the Linnmon table.  It comes in different colors and sizes.  I chose white, size 47 1/4 x 23 5/8 for $19.99.

Next I needed some table legs.  I chose to purchase the Lack side table for $7.99 and use the 4 legs from that (I had another hack in mind for the table top).

And finally, the best part, the Lundamo mirror.  I purchased 3 for $4.99 each. You wanna know why this is the best part?  Because 3 mirrors fit perfectly on top of the Linnmon table.  So perfect I couldn’t even believe it. IKEA mirrored coffee table hack

I chose NOT to use an adhesive to attach the mirrors to the table top just in case I wanted to hack these pieces into something else in a few years.  That works fine for us for a few reasons.  First, we barely use the family room as we spend most of our time in the living room. Second, we don’t have any kids that we have to worry about pushing the mirrors off the table. If you have kids I would definitely recommend adhering the mirrors to the table top. I would use a siliconized caulk.   You would only need a few tiny beads of caulk to hold the mirrors in place and if you ever wanted to remove the mirrors in the future, the caulk would allow removal more easily then something like liquid nails.

IKEA mirrored coffee table hack

The best thing about this IKEA mirrored coffee table hack was that it only took 15 minutes. No wait, the best part was that it only cost $43!

IKEA mirrored coffee table hack

IKEA mirrored coffee hack