How to Make your own Candy Jars

glass candy jars filled with easter candy

These candy jars are so simple to create, you can make them in less than 15 minutes! I love these candy jars because you can use them for a whole slew of different holidays just by swapping out the colored lids. This makes them both budget friendly and easy to store, as lids take up hardly any space at all.

Supplies to Make Candy Jars

  1. Old glass food jars with lids (like the ones below)
  2. Spray paint
  3. Colorful magnets (optional)


Step 1. Prep old food jars

Soak the jars in warm soapy water to remove the label.

Step 2. Remove residual glue

If glue is leftover after removing the label, mix cooking oil (vegetable, caonola, etc.) with baking soda in a 50/50 mix.  Apply the paste over the glue and let sit for a few hours (or overnight), then scrub off.

old used food jars

Step 3. Paint the lids

Paint the lids with spray paint. Spray paint is your best option when painting over metal. Acrylic paints do not work well on metal.

easter decor with a smuckers jar converted into candy jar

I like Smucker’s jars because the lids have cute a plaid design.

For these lids, choose a paint color that matches the plaid color. Next, tape the sides of the lid to protect it from the spray paint. Spray the top so it covers the word “smuckers” and you’re left with the cute plaid design on the side of the lid.

Step 4. Add your magnets

After the spray paint has dried for the amount of time instructed on the can, place a colorful magnet on the top of the lid.

Some people use drawer knobs and they do look nice, but the magnets are cheaper and they don’t require any drilling or gluing because they stick right to the metal lid. The magnets are optional and the jars will still look cute even if you don’t have them!

glass candy jar with a colorful magnet on lid

Step 5. Lids for additional holidays

Save the lids from extra jars and spray paint them in other holiday colors so you can easily switch up your candy jars for each holiday season.

3 glass candy jars filled with easter candy
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Author: Nicole Bolin

peeps in a candy dish

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