Holiday Parties

How does it work?

First, decide if you want to pick the same project for everyone to create or if you want to allow your employees to pick from any one of our 25+ projects. Keep in mind that no matter which project you choose, your employees can pick their own wood stain color, paint colors, etc. as it applies to the chosen project.

What’s the difference between offering the same project for everyone to work on vs. everyone working on something different?

If you offer the same project for everyone, say in this example our String Art Projects, the zoom event would be an instructor-led class, walking everyone through each step of the string art process. If you wanted to allow your employees to pick any one of the 25+ projects, then instead of an instructor-led class, you would have two options. Each project would come with it’s own instructions (some written, some video tutorials depending on the project). Option 1 would be: no zoom event at all, employees would each work on their project at their own pace, using the instructions provided. Option 2 would be: a zoom event where we have an instructor available for any questions anyone might have during the process of creating their project, but there would not be an instructor-led step by step process as that would not be possible with so many different projects being created.

How does pricing work?

Prices are project specific. Click on any project picture to get the price and description for the project. The zoom instruction is provided at no additional charge when you spend a total of $150 or more on projects. For parties spending $75 – $149 there is a $25 zoom fee, for parties spending less than $75 there is a $50 zoom fee. If you are choosing the option of no zoom event where each person works on their own project using the provided instructions, then there is no zoom fee.

What else do I need to know?

If you would like to pre-select a few projects for employees to choose from (based on your budget) or you’re simply going to offer a single project type (i.e. string art) we can create a special webpage for your event where employees can go online and reserve their project for the party in addition to pick their own wood stain, paint colors, etc. This is a great option to save your company time in managing and communicating everyone’s project choices to our studio. However if you prefer to collect that info yourself and communicate it to our staff, you are more than welcome to do that too!

How do we get our kits?

If you are ordering $150 or more in kits, we can deliver them to your workplace prior to your holiday party. For orders less than $150, we can deliver them for a $10 fee, or we have free local pickup on Saturdays at Squarz Bakery & Cafe, located at 13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

What’s your most popular craft project for parties?

String Art is by far our most popular craft for parties. It’s a great choice because everyone does not have to do the same design. We have over 20 designs available and everyone can choose the one that they like best. For this particular project type, you can still have an instructor-led class because its the same process regardless of which design your employees choose. Our String Art projects comes in 2 sizes: our “Minis” which are the most popular and are 8 inches square, then we have our “Large” size which range in sizes: 11×14″, 12×24″, 16×16″, 16×20″.