Giant Jenga Like Tower

Not only will your friends and family have a great time creating this project, they’ll also have fun playing it!

With 54 pieces, this set can accommodate almost any group size. Friends and family will stain and stencil individual blocks with their choice of wood stain and paint colors. Choose group quotes, individual quotes, family names or a combination of all 3!

Set stands approximately 11″W x 27″H.

Price: $100*

*Up to 4 people may work on this project together; add additional seats for $10 each. Includes a total of 9 custom stencils. If you would like more than 9 blocks stenciled, you may add additional custom stencils for $3 each.

Because custom stencils have to be created for this project, we recommend making a reservation to create this project. Save $5 off the TOTAL price of this project, when you book a reservation online.