From Trash to Treasure

high top table
high top table

I guess being under quarantine has one benefit – I finally found some time to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies…turning trash into treasure.

Staying safe at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic had my husband and I really missing our favorite restaurants, so I decided to give our backyard a little restaurant feel.

I wanted to create a high top table, and I wanted to create it from things that were destined for the trash bin/goodwill.

So I created the table using an old Christmas tree stand, outdoor plastic fence post, scrap piece of particle board and scrap pieces of wood laminate flooring.

The Christmas tree stand had been used once about 5 years ago and had been sitting in the garage ever since. First I tried to sell it on offerup, but no one was buying Christmas tree stands in May…go figure. So then it ended up in a pile of things destined for goodwill. The plastic fence post had been sitting on the side of the house for a few years, leftover from a kit my husband purchased to build a fence to keep the javelina out of our garbage cans. The particle board was a scrap piece leftover from a previous project and the wood laminate flooring pieces were scraps left over from a flooring project at my studio (yep the same flooring you see underneath the tree stand). Luckily I had the idea to make the high top table before I had a chance to do my goodwill drop-off saving that Christmas tree stand for my project.

high top table

Seeing as I doubt anyone else has these EXACT items laying around to create a high top table, I won’t bother to write out my process via tutorial form. So the short version is: I spray painted the tree stand and plastic fence post, caulked the wood laminate scraps to the particle board, then screwed everything together.

While I do like to blog about items that you can make at home, with instructions on how you can make them, I also like to inspire people to get creative and open their minds to how they can turn items destined for the trash into an item they will treasure.

I can tell you that my husband and I will certainly enjoy sipping margarita’s poolside on our new high top table – it should make quarantine life a little bit more fun. Table for 2 please!

Author: Nicole Bolin