DIY Faux Birch Logs Workshop

These DIY Faux Birch Logs will bring warmth to your heart and your home. Play mother nature for a day and make your very own faux birch logs!

faux birch logsDIY Faux Birch Logs Workshop $15

In this workshop you will craft 3 birch logs and tie them together with a large ribbon (choice of gold, silver, white, red or green). The logs are created using newspaper, newsprint, kraft paper and paint and they are heavy like REAL logs. Once you know how to make these, you’ll be making them for everyone!
Logs are approximately 24″ long and 2.5″ in diameter.

DIY birch logsDIY Faux Birch Logs + Wooden Crate Workshop $40

This workshop includes everything from the DIY Faux Birch Logs Workshop PLUS it allows you to build, stain/paint your own wooden crate.  Also comes with faux pine branches and pine cones. The wooden crate is approximately 16″W x 8″H x 7.5″D.
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If you can’t make it to one of the scheduled workshops, but you still want to make some logs, we can schedule a special class date/time if you have at least 4 people who can attend.