Easy DIY Boho Decor

boho decor

Author: Nicole Bolin

I recently updated our guest bedroom in a bohemian style.  The makeover included numerous DIY projects, one of which included these easy DIY boho decor pieces which I hung above the closet.

boho decorThe floral letters are very easy to make.  While you can purchase wooden letters to attach your flowers to, the more inexpensive DIY option of cardboard makes them much more budget-friendly.

With the use of cardboard, the only thing you need to buy is the flowers you want to use for your letters.  I purchased this bouquet on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $4.76.


To make your floral letters, start by printing large letters for your template. You don’t need to have any type of fancy software for this, simply using microsoft word and choosing a font you like is all you need. Cut the letters out, place them on a piece of cardboard and trace around them.  Then using a utility knife, cut the letters out of the cardboard.cardboard letterNext, pull whatever flowers and leaves you want to use, off the wire.  Then, create small holes in the cardboard where you would like to put the flowers/leaves. I started out by trying to simply push the flowers stems through the cardboard but I found the flowers stems to be too soft and the cardboard too strong, so I drilled holes using a small drill bit.  Once you have the holes all you have to do is poke the flower stems through the holes.

I found that most stems stayed in the holes just fine while others were a bit loose. For those I put a small amount of fabri-tac glue on the end of the stem before pushing it back through the hole.  That’s all it takes, easy peasy.  To hang on the wall, depending on the shape of your letters, it might be as simple as hanging the letter on a nail or two, or if the shape doesn’t work well for that (like say an “L”) you can create 2 small holes in the cardboard and run a string through it to hang on a nail.

boho decor

For the “Wild One” sign I started by cutting 4 pieces of cardboard 12″ x 12″ in size.  Then using elmers glue, I glued all 4 pieces together to create a thick “board”.  Next, I covered the front and sides of the cardboard sign with scrapbook paper.

wild one signYou see that wood background with the flower wreath on it?  Well that is simply a single sheet of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper!  The only thing I added to it was the “Wild One” letters.  The scrapbook paper came from this DCWV Happy Day Stack from Joann.

I used my Cricut to create the “Wild One” letters, then used Mod Podge to attach them to the front.  If you don’t have a Cricut, you could always cut the letters out by hand.  For the final steps I glued fake leaves around the corners using fabric-tac, then drilled 2 holes to run ribbon through to hang it.  I then glued a flower into each hole that the ribbon went through.

boho decor

So for less than $7, I was able to add some easy DIY boho decor to my room.

boho bedroom