Diytto Project: DIY Mid-Century Modern Gold Wall Decor

Author: Nicole Bolin

I was at Target one day when I saw this great Mid-Century Modern Gold Wall Decor piece pictured above, for $54.99. I was in the process of redecorating our guest bedroom and thought it would be perfect for above the chest. However with a total redecorating budget of $375 I couldn’t justify spending 15% of it on a single decor piece. So, I decided this was going to be a Diytto project. What’s a Diytto project you ask?  It’s a term I coined to describe my DIY budget-friendly version of a more expensive piece of furniture, art or decor. Stay tuned for my next Diytto project, an Anthropology Inspired Luxe Fur Bench!

For this project I decided bamboo skewers would be the most economical and easiest solution, so I purchased a pack of 100 from Walmart for $0.97. I started by laying down my horizontal pattern first.

Once I had that pattern set, one by one I glued vertical skewers to the existing horizontal ones. I used tiny beads of wood glue to attach them to each other. I let it dry overnight, then I took it outside and spray painted it with gold spray paint.

If you don’t have wood glue, any craft/tacky glue or even Elmers white school glue would work (I tested it). The only glue I would not recommend is super glue, while it’s great for a lot of things, wood is not one of them.

I only used about 60 of the 100 bamboo skewers that came in the pack, so as you can see you have a lot of flexibility with a single pack to either make the piece larger or more complex with additional skewers.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out, especially when I look at the savings. Because I already had gold spray paint and glue leftover from other projects, my only cost was $0.97 for the skewers, so I just created a $54.99 art piece for only $1!

As someone who crafts all the time, I have spray paint at my disposal but you may not. So your cost to complete this project will likely be ~$5 ($3.67 for gold spray paint and $0.97 for skewers). Almost everyone owns a bottle of white Elmers School Glue but if you don’t, ask a friend or neighbor to borrow some!

Ooooh, did you catch a glimpse of my dream catcher curtains? That post is coming soon!

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