DIY Wine Bottle Easter Decor

Easy Wine Bottle Easter Decor

DIY Easter Decor
If you love eating cupcakes and drinking wine (ummm who doesn’t?) then you already have the supplies you need to make this DIY Wine Bottle Easter Decor.  It’s soooo easy to make that you can do it in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – drink a bottle of wine

Step 2 – eat 5 or so cupcakes

Step 3 – make your Wine Bottle Easter Decor

Ok, not quite those steps, but close…let’s try again.

Step 1 – drink a bottle of wine (woowhoo that is a real step!)

Step 2 – remove label from bottle and spray paint (I like white because it really makes the colored liners pop, but choose any color that strikes your fancy)

Step 3 – flatten out cupcake liners and use Mod Podge to glue them to the bottle.  Do not use liners from cupcakes you’ve eaten.  While it might seem like a good idea after drinking a bottle of wine, it’s not.

And that’s really all it takes to make this inexpensive Easter decor piece!

Cheap DIY Easter DecorHere’s a few extra tips that might come in handy.  While the label comes off pretty easily after soaking in warm soapy water, often times a lot of glue is left on the bottle. To remove the glue, mix cooking oil (vegetable, caonola, etc.) with baking soda in a 50/50 mix.  Apply the paste over the glue and let sit for several hours (or overnight) then scrub off.

Make sure you get all the oil off before spray painting or the paint won’t stick.  Wash the bottle again, with soap and water, dry and then wipe with windex.

When gluing the cupcake liners to the bottle, apply Mod Podge to both the wine bottle and the back of the cupcake liner. When both surfaces are coated in Mod Podge, it makes it much easier to smooth out any wrinkles in the liners.

After all your cupcake liners have been applied to the wine bottle, apply a coat of Mod Podge over the top of them to create a protective seal.

And you’re done!  I can’t wait to see your Wine Bottle Easter Decor on Pinterest and Instagram!

Easy Wine Bottle Easter DecorI’ll be featuring additional DIY Easter projects all through the month of March, so stay tuned for more posts as I provide tutorials for more Easter decor projects. Can’t wait?  Check out this cute DIY Easter Bunny Decor wall art right now!

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Author: Nicole Bolin