DIY Paint Pour Canvas

paint pour canvas

Have you heard of PAINT POURING?


You’ll start by placing a stencil of the image over the canvas.  Then you’ll choose your paint colors, dilute them and pour the paint all over the canvas.  Next, you’ll pick up the canvas and tilt it in all different directions to spread the paint, creating a marbleized look.  Let drip for a few minutes, then remove the stenciled image from the canvas.

Choose from 49 different dogs, a cactus, butterfly or flower. Have an image you would like to do, but don’t see it here?  Let us know and we’ll see if we can create it for you.

Approximately 10″W x 10″H.

Choose any color paint from our collection. Approximate craft time: 1 hour 15 min.

Price: $35

You can create this project by stopping in during one of our open studio times or you can reserve a seat online and SAVE $5 off the price of this project.