DIY Napkin Rings Using Shower Curtain Rings

Cheap DIY shower curtain ring napkin rings
Author: Nicole Bolin

DIY napkin ring

I love creating new seasonal table settings but changing out placemats, plates and napkins can get expensive.  If you’ve seen my posts for my Autumn Inspired Napkins or my Winter Wonderland Table Setting you know that I came up with a super budget-friendly DIY option for changing out your napkins.  That method worked great for those table settings but with Easter around the corner, I wanted to fold my napkins into some bunny ears, so I needed some napkin rings.  The only napkin rings I own are brushed nickel and while they are very nice rings, they are not very “springy”.  So I put my thinking cap on and that’s when I came up with the idea to use shower curtain rings to create cheap, DIY napkin rings.

I picked up a pack of 12 white shower curtain rings at Walmart for $0.94.  Then using some fabric scraps I had leftover from my dreamcatcher project (that post coming soon) I wrapped a strip of fabric around the ring.  To secure it, I simply knotted it in the back.  I could have stopped there because it was already really cute, but when you have excess gold beaded garland laying around, why not use it? I’m also using it for some mirrors I’m working on (that post also coming soon).

DIY napkin rings using shower curtain rings

The great thing about this DIY napkin ring project is that it only takes a few fabric scraps to change out the look of your napkin rings for each season/holiday. Simply undo the knot, remove the fabric and replace with your new fabric to update the look! Want more ideas for a budget friendly Easter themed table setting? Subscribe to our blog to be notified as soon as they are available.

Cheap DIY napkin rings