DIY Easter Decor & Decorating Tips

Cute removable wallpaper, reversible quilts and 2 simple stitches added to a pillow cover are my top 3 recommendations for DIY Easter Decor that is both budget-friendly and easy to store.

Removable Wallpaper

Did you know you can easily make your own Easter wall decor with just a couple rolls of removable wallpaper? I purchased a purple roll and a floral print roll, to create Easter egg and bunny shapes for my bedroom wall. I’ve included the templates below so that you can print them out and use them for your own DIY Easter decor.

Removable wallpaper is a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on Easter decor and then also have to store a bunch of decorations somewhere. But if you did want to save it for next year, save the paper backing after you apply the shapes to the wall. That way, you can re-stick the shapes to the paper after Easter, then re-apply them next year. Since it’s just paper, it takes up virtually no storage space!

bedroom decorated with DIY Easter Decor

Reversible Quilts

Reversible quilts are a great way to decorate on a budget and save storage room. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the best way to update your bedding on a budget is to start with a neutral colored comforter and then simply add a blanket or quilt to update your look for each season. And the most budget friendly option of all? Opt for a reversible quilt with a different color on each side, that way you get 2 seasonal looks for 1 price and only one item to store in the off-season. The pink quilt I have here on my bed is also featured in my Christmas Decor on a Budget post. The other side of this quilt is red, so I can use it for both my Christmas and Easter bedding!

Pillow Covers

Seasonal pillows are both costly and take up a ton of storage room, so opt instead for pillow covers. They are cheaper than actual pillows and take up way less room when it’s time to store them. You can often find a 4 pack of covers on Amazon for less than $15. I usually find that their 4 packs cost the same as their 2 packs.

Pro tip: If you have a mixture of 18×18 square and 12×20 lumbar pillows like me (I have 2 of each) you can still use an inexpensive 4 pack of 18×18 covers for both pillow sizes. “How’s that” you say? By using the 2 simple stitches I mentioned in the beginning of this post.

First, place a 12×20 size pillow into an 18×18 cover. Then, turn it over so the back of the cover is facing you and fold the corners in. Next, fold the flap down and secure each side of the flap with a single stitch. Turn your pillow around and voila, you have a perfectly sized pillow cover. The stitches are easy to snip when it’s time to remove the pillow and store the cover.

DIY Easter Decor - Easter Pillow Cover
Another 18×18 cover converted to 12×20

Pro Tip: If you’re going to convert an 18×18 cover to a lumbar size, you need to make sure you pick designs that will look good when folded.

If you take a look at the other two designs below, you’ll notice that if I folded those, they would look silly. You would see half of the top of some bunny ears on one and just the tips of ears on the other. But the other 2 designs work great for folding. So just make sure when you choose a 4 pack, that it has a design that will still look good if folded.

DIY Easter Decor Instructions

Use the templates provided at the end of this post to print out the shape. Then cut the shape out and trace around it onto the back of the wallpaper. Cut along your trace line to cut out the shape. Once you have the shape cut, peel back a 1 inch section of the wallpaper backing. Stick the shape to the wall via the 1 inch peeled section. Pull the backing straight down against the wall to apply the shape to the wall with minimal wrinkles.

Easter Egg & Bunny Templates

The single page templates work well if you simply want to print the template onto an 8.5×11 piece of paper. If however you want to make larger cut-outs, I have provided templates where the image is divided into 4 different sections. You can print each section onto 4 separate pieces of paper, then cut and tape together to create a larger image to trace onto the wallpaper.

Single Page Templates

DIY Easter Decor bunny template
Bunny Template
DIY Easter Decor whole egg template
Egg Template

Larger Templates

part of an egg template
Top Left Egg
part of an egg template
Bottom Left Egg
part of a bunny template
Top Left Bunny
part of a bunny template
Bottom Left Bunny
part of an egg template
Top Right Egg
part of an egg template
Bottom Right Egg
part of a bunny template
Top Right Bunny
part of a bunny template
Bottom Right Bunny

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Author: Nicole Bolin