DIY Easter Bunny Decor

DIY Easter bunny decor Pinterest

As much as I love winter (yep I’m one of those crazy people who loves the cold) I am equally as excited for spring to arrive. The air is crisp and cool but the sunshine warms your skin. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, bunnies are laying eggs, bees are….wait back up…ok bunnies are not laying eggs, I just have Easter on the brain. I love to decorate for Easter, and there are so many cute Easter decor pieces at places like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel but they are all sooooo expensive. So this year I’ve put together several simple and inexpensive DIY Easter crafts to use as decor items around your home. The one I am featuring today is this framed DIY Easter Bunny Decor.

DIY Easter bunny decor

To start you will need the supplies listed below. I provided links for a few as examples in case you are not familiar with the item, but you can get any of these items at either Michaels, Joann or Hobby Lobby. And don’t forget to take your coupons, which you can find on their websites.

Supplies you’ll need:

3 small picture frames (I used 4×6″)


Burlap fabric

Foam sheets

Pom poms

Bunny template (available below)

Mod Podge

Felt & Foam Tacky Glue or other appropriate adhesive


Frames & Burlap

A while back I was shopping the target clearance section and I came across these 4×6 frames for only $0.60 each! I didn’t have a use for them at the time, but I knew they would come in handy so I bought all 6 of them.

Because you only seem to find this cool stuff when you DON’T need it, chances are if you go to target now you won’t find anything this cheap. BUT if you go to the dollar store they have all kinds of frames for $1 each and if you don’t like the color, you can always spray paint them.

Burlap frame

Take apart your frame and remove the glass. You won’t need the glass for this project so just save it for a future project. Cut out a piece of burlap the same size as the back panel of your frame. Then, using Mod Podge, attach the burlap to the back panel and let it dry while you work on the next few steps. Side note: The back panel of my frame was black and I didn’t want black showing through the burlap as you can see in the picture to the right. So before I attached the burlap with Mod Podge, I spray painted the back panel white. I let that dry, then I attached the burlap. You could also use regular acrylic paint, just be careful not to put on too much at one time. Acrylic paint has a lot of water in it and if you put on too thick a layer, the excess moisture can cause the backing to wrinkle and or warp. Multiple thin layers is best.

Bunny Cutout

Download a bunny template. I used the one below from To use this one, right click to save the image to your computer and then insert into a word doc to size accordingly and print.  bunny template

After you have printed the template, cut the bunny out and place it on top of your foam sheet. You can either buy a foam multi-pack of different colors for around $7 or you can purchase single sheets for as little as $0.63 each (with a 20% off coupon). Trace the bunny outline onto the foam sheet and cut it out. Do this for all 3 bunnies. You can choose to do all the same color or different colors.

Bunny template on foam

Assembling the frames

Next, drill 2 holes into the top AND bottom of 2 frames and then 2 holes into the top ONLY of the third frame.

Determine how far apart you want your frames to hang from one another and then cut twine/yarn accordingly.

After the Mod Podge on the burlap has dried, it’s time to attach the bunnies to the burlap. Use the felt/foam tacky glue or other appropriate adhesive to glue the bunnies to the burlap. When you glue them, place the traced-side down on the burlap so you don’t see any of your trace lines.

Use the same adhesive to glue the pom pom tail to the bunny. Let dry, then place bunnies into the frame, thread your twine/yarn through pre-drilled holes and tie. And that’s all it takes to create your Easter Bunny Decor piece!

DIY Easter bunny decor

Stay tuned for my other DIY Easter Decor projects!

Author: Nicole Bolin