DIY Candy Jars

Quick and easy DIY candy jars
Author: Nicole Bolin

Easy DIY candy jarsThese DIY candy jars are so simple to create, you can make them in less than 15 minutes.  All it takes are some old jars from your refrigerator (like the ones below), some spray paint and magnets.

While the labels come off pretty easily after soaking in warm soapy water, often times glue is left on the jar. To remove the glue, mix cooking oil (vegetable, caonola, etc.) with baking soda in a 50/50 mix.  Apply the paste over the glue and let sit for an hour, then scrub off.

For the lids, all you have to do is spray paint those. If you have a smuckers jar and like the plaid-ish design on the side of the lid all you need to do is tape the side to protect it from the spray paint.  Then spray the top to cover the word “smuckers”.

A pack of colorful magnets can be used for the lid tops.  Some people use drawer knobs and they do look nice, but the magnets are cheaper and they don’t require any drilling or gluing because they stick right to the metal lid.

DIY candy jars

Another cute option is to create a candy dish using a candlestick and bowl. You can pick these up from the Dollar Tree for $1 each.  Glue the candlestick to the bottom of the bowl using E6000.  Purchase some Valspar Clear Satin Latex Clear Glaze from Lowes.  Mix a small amount with pink food coloring and brush it on both the outside of candlestick and bowl.

Let it dry overnight, then put it in the oven at 175 degrees for 30 minutes to completely dry it.  We think our peeps are happy!

DIY candy dish

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