Craft Birthday Parties for Dogs

Craft Birthday Parties for Dogs

a woman holding a paw-casso painting created by her dog for mothers day, dog mom's day

Dogs aren’t like family, they ARE family and they deserve a special birthday celebration too! That’s why we have created craft birthday parties for dogs, at our studio. We bet you didn’t know dogs were crafty. We don’t mean the kind of crafty like… tricking you into giving more treats or belly rubs crafty, but the artistic kind of crafty. Yeah, that’s right, dogs can paint… or at least they can at our studio!

Let your pup and their fur-riends explore their inner Paw-casso by creating their own 11″x14″ canvas paintings. You’ll choose (or you can let fido choose) up to 4 paint colors.

We’ll show you different techniques your dog can use to create a more abstract design (coral color) or a more paw-printy design (navy blue). Incorporate both designs like we did or a single design in multiple colors.

Don’t worry, your dog does not have to put paint on their paws in order to create their masterpiece.

canvas painting with paw prints painted by a dog

How it Works

Because we offer a lot of crafts (for hoomans) that can make scary noises for dogs, when you host your dog’s birthday party at our studio, you, your dog and their fur-riends will have the studio all to yourselves for the duration of your party. We offer a variety of pricing based on party date/time and number of guests.

Want to bring your dog to create their own Paw-casso, but it’s not their birthday or maybe you want to celebrate their happy gotcha day instead? You can do the too! There is no minimum number of dogs required to create a Paw-casso so if your dog doesn’t play well with others and you’d prefer to have a private celebration, you can still make a reservation to come in! Pricing starts at $35 per dog.

4 German shepherds sitting next to paw-casso paintings they have created

When you book a craft birthday party for your dog, you’ll have 1 hour and 30 minutes at our studio so your dog (and any fur-riends) can create their Paw-casso paintings and enjoy any birthday cakes, treats or cookies you bring with to help celebrate your fur baby’s birthday!

Because we close off the entire studio for your doggie craft party, we do require reservations in order to create a Paw-casso.

Your Dog’s Party will Help Support a Local Animal Rescue

Host a craft birthday party for your dog at our studio and 10% of the sale will be donated to one of our rescue partners. In case you haven’t heard, we love to support animal rescues and host craft fundraisers at our studio to benefit local rescues. So we’ve decided to use our dog birthday parties as another way to give back!

fundraisers for AZK9 rescue
fundraisers for forever loved pet sanctuary
halo animal rescue

A Party is not Complete without Treats!

If you’re looking for a local bakery to purchase some goodies for your dog’s birthday party, look no further than Bully Bakery in Mesa. They use human grade ingredients to create fresh, delicious birthday cakes, cookies, pupcakes and donuts for dogs. And, they also support local rescues by donating a portion of their profits each month!

For more information or to book your dog’s birthday party, call us at 480-430-5503 or click the contact us button.