Christmas Decor on a Budget

bedroom decorated for the holidays

Purchasing holiday decor for each season can get expensive, so I love it when I come across cute, inexpensive decor items. We recently moved from Phoenix to Chicago and I had zero Christmas decorations in tow. I wanted our bedroom to scream “Happy Holidays!” when you walked into it, but I didn’t want to scream when I saw my credit card bill. That’s why I was so excited when I came across some cute Christmas decor from Target.

Christmas Decor – Wood Signs

Target has a vast selection of holiday wood signs available through their Wondershop for only $5 each! Yeah, you read that right, $5. They are nicely sized, good quality and light weight, making them easy to store after the holidays.

I purchased 6 wooden signs from the Wondershop collection (the wiener sign is something I made and is not from Target) and hung them on either side of our bed. Target has far more than these 6 designs available, these were just my personal favorites.

bedroom decorated for the holidays

Christmas Bedding

For my bedding, I already had the white furry comforter. I purchased the red quilt/pillow sham from Amazon for $29 and the flannel sheets from Target on sale for $28 (normally $35 – still a good price). We have a king sized bed, but a twin size quilt (folded over) is plenty big to cover the foot of the bed.

holiday bedding

When decorating your bedroom, my first recommendation is to buy a white comforter. White comforters make it really easy, and more importantly less expensive, to change out your look for the holidays. A white comforter gives you a blank canvas to work with each season. All you have to do is purchase an inexpensive blanket to update your decor.

I like purchasing twin size quilts as my blanket, because they come with a sham which you can use on one of your throw pillows. The sham is meant for a standard size pillow, but if you want to use an 18×18 size pillow like I did, all you have to do is fold the excess fabric behind it. You can even add a stitch or two to the back with a needle and thread if you want it to be a little more secure. After the holidays, simply snip the stitch to remove the pillow and store your cover.

fall bedding

For my fall bedding I purchased a rust colored quilt/sham from Amazon (only $17 Woowhoo!) and again, flannel sheets from Target. The leaf pillow cover was from a set of 4 pillow covers I ordered from Amazon for $11. I used the other 3 from the set to decorate our living room. The pillow covers were 18×18 in size, so for the small lumbar pillow on my bed I once again simply folded the excess fabric behind.

My second recommendation is to purchase pillow covers rather than actual pillows with a seasonal design. Pillows are bulky and take up a lot of space when storing between seasons, whereas pillow covers take up virtually no space. Also, you can generally get a set of 2 or even 4 pillow covers for the price of a single seasonal pillow.

If you’re wondering about the pine trees over our bed, those are removable wall decals that I created using removable wallpaper and my Cricut machine.

bedroom decorated for the holidays
Christmas tree wall decals

While they tend to look black in the photo, they are actually a dark evergreen color. I made the trees and the trunk using removable wallpaper from Amazon for about $5 a roll. If you don’t have a Cricut you could always find some Christmas tree or pine tree clipart online, print it out and trace it onto the backside of the wallpaper and then cut it out by hand.

So, for $100 I was able to purchase all the Christmas decor and bedding needed to transform my bedroom into a winter wonderland.

holiday decor for the bedroom
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