Cacti Love Centerpiece

Glass bottle with wooden base that holds succulent cuttings

DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece

DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece
DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece

DIY Cacti Love Centerpiece

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Cacti Love Centerpiece Kit

To create your centerpiece you will stain the wood, then you will use stencils to paint the design onto both sides of the wood. You will use another stencil to paint the design onto one side of the bottle, then you will wrap the bottle in twine.

The wood base in shown in brown wood stain with frost green and pink paint and is approximately 4.5″W x 8″L x 1.25″H. The bottle is shown in green paint with pink/white twine and is approximately 9.5″H. Available color options for wood stain, paint and twine are shown below.

The kit includes 11 Elephant Bush cuttings, which should* root in water. After the cuttings have rooted/grown you can plant them in either a pot or outside and then take cuttings from your new plant and add them back to your centerpiece.

DIY@ Home Craft Kit Includes:

  • Written instructions + online video tutorials (internet required)
  • 750 ml Glass bottle
  • Unfinished wood base
  • Wood stain
  • Stain cloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • Stencils
  • Paint
  • Paint applicators
  • Twine
  • 10 Elephant bush cuttings + tubes for wood base
  • 1 Elephant bush cutting for bottle

You’ll also need (not included): Scissors, Water for the succulent cuttings and an oven for paint curing. The paint used on the bottle requires curing, so the painted bottle will need to be baked in an oven at 350 degrees (specific curing instructions to come with kit).

*Please note: Elephant bush cuttings are not guaranteed to root.

Available Wood Stain Colors:

Available Paint Colors for Wood:

Available Paint Colors (Left to Right):
Row 1: Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Green
Row 2: Mint Green, Frost Green, Teal, Navy Blue, Blue
Row 3: Light Blue, Burgundy, Purple, Lavender, Pink
Row 4: Grey, Dark Grey, Tan, Brown, Peach
Row 5: Black, White, Off-White, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange

Available Twine Colors for the Bottle: