Boho Inspired Bedroom Makeover

brick fence panel upcycled into headboard

Pink white green and gold bedroom

For the past 13 years our guest bedroom could be described in one word….blah.  Working anywhere from 60-70 hours a week for 10 years makes you prioritize things and decorating this room was definitely low priority.  But when I left that super stressful job and moved into Interior DIYsign I began renovating our house room by room.

The bedroom set in here was my master bedroom set before I met my husband.  When we bought a house together his bedroom set became our master and mine became the guest room set.  I had a king bed and while it physically fit in this room it really was too big.  A queen would be a much better fit.  So my plan was to sell the mattress, box springs and sleigh bed, but keep the nightstand and chest and refurbish them.

I set my budget at $375.  Certainly not pocket change but not a crazy huge budget either.  I sold the bed set for $385 and purchased a new queen memory foam mattress from Costco for $350.  With tax it ended up at $382 so that was basically a wash and I still had $375 to update the rest of the room.

My general plan was this:

1. Paint the walls

2. Build a headboard and bed frame

3. Paint the existing furniture and add a chair in the corner

4. Add window treatments

5. Add decor


I was sooooo done with the tan colored paint.  I wanted something much brighter, yet neutral so I chose Valspar Signature Eggshell paint in Asiago for 3 of the 4 walls.  It’s an very light grey, neutral color.

For behind the bed I chose to accent the wall in a light pink.  For this wall I created my own mix of paint.  I had previously picked up a gallon of Sherwin Williams pink paint and a gallon of Valspar white paint in the oops section of Lowes for $9 each. I bought them for other projects but had enough left that I was able to mix the two together to create a light pink paint.

Materials and Cost:

Valspar Asiago paint 1 gallon $32.98

Pink paint (leftover pink and white paint from previous project) $0


We had this fence panel that had been sitting on the side of the house for 6 years.  It was an extra panel left over from a dog run that we had built for our dachshund.  I thought it would make a cool headboard.  My husband thought I was crazy.

I started by cutting the panel to a width of 60 inches.  Then I spray painted it gold using the Rustoleum gold spray paint I had leftover from the furniture.   I mounted 2×4’s (which I upholstered in white fabric) to each side and then screwed the 2×4’s to the bed frame.Gold brick headboard

I just love how the headboard turned out!  Not only is it unique but I was able to use something that had been sitting on the side of our house for years and repurposed it so it wouldn’t end up in a landfill.  And maybe the best part…my husband admitting that it ended up looking really cool!

For the bed frame I simply built that out of 1×4’s, 2×4’s and 4×4’s.

Materials and Cost:

(9) 1×4’s $21.87

(6) 2×4’s purchased 2 (4 leftover from previous project) $4.05

4×4 (leftover from previous project) $0

White fabric for 2×4’s (twin sheet set from Walmart) $4.97

(4) Brackets for mounting brick panel to 2×4’s $3.96


I decided to paint the chest and 2 nightstands in white and gold.  I started by cleaning the furniture with Krud Kutter then added 2 coats of Zinsser BIN Shellac-based primer.  I love their shellac because you dont have to sand the furniture before painting if you use it.

I painted the furniture with some Behr dead flat white paint that I picked up in the oops section of Home Depot for $7.  I then taped off the legs and parts of the drawer and door panels and spray painted them gold using Rustoleum speciality metallic in gold.  I also spray painted the drawer and door knobs gold.  For the final step I topcoated the furniture with Minwax Polycrylic in crystal clear satin.

I purchased a chair on OfferUp for $10.  It was a really nice chair, the only issue was a huge light stain on the seat but I had planned to reupholster it anyways, so it didn’t matter.  Oh and did I mention it was only $10?

To refinish the chair I used one coat of Zinsser shellac primer, 2 coats of white paint and a topcoat with polycrylic.  Then I reupholstered the seat with fabric that a friend had given to me.

For the ottoman I purchased a table on OfferUp for $5.  It was only 14″ tall, so I decided it would make a better ottoman. More details on this upcycled project coming soon to a post near you.

Materials and Cost:

Krud kutter $4.07

Scour pads $1.98

Zinsser BIN shellac-based primer $41.98

White paint 1 gallon $7

Rustoleum gold spray paint $3.76

Minwax polycrylic $16.77

Paint rollers $6.94

Chair $10

Fabric for seat (received from a friend) $0

Blanket for chair $17.43

Table/Ottoman $5

Pink crinkle faux fur $11.21

Plywood (leftover from previous project) $0


The window already had blinds which function perfectly fine so for the window treatments I really just wanted to add a decorative element.  I wanted a whimsical and relaxing feel so I decided to use dreamcatchers.  Unfortunately the lighting is terrible because I’m facing the window.  I tried taking a picture at night with artificial light but I didn’t like that picture because the the artificial light throws off the true colors of both the dreamcatchers and the wall color.  I might get a better picture on a cloudy, rainy day but in Arizona I could wait six months for that!

While it doesn’t give you the overall view of the window, the angle below has a less washed out look since I’m not forced to aim my camera directly at the sun-lit window.  And finally a picture of just a single dreamcatcher which I hung on another wall with indirect lighting for a more true color representation.

Materials and Cost:

I made the entire thing for under $25!  If you want to know where I got all the supplies and how I made it for less than $25, subscribe to my blog and I’ll send you everything you need to know!


Ahhh decor, the best part.  So many decor pieces, so little time.  Where do I start?  How about the mirrors.  I recently designed a Tommy Bahama inspired bedroom for my father’s master bedroom (that post coming soon).  As part of the redesign we refurbished his 40 year old bedroom furniture.  One of the pieces was a dresser with 2 mirrors attached.  For his new design, we removed the mirrors and simply utilized the dresser so my dad gave me the leftover mirrors, score!

I removed the 3 ornamental pieces on the top then I applied a coat of Zinsser shellac primer followed by a coat of white paint.  I spray-painted the corner pieces with Rustoleum gold spray paint, then added gold beaded string to the interior of the frame.

Materials and Cost:

(2) Framed mirrors (free from my dad) $0

Zinsser shellac primer, white paint, gold spray paint (used leftover from furniture) $0

Gold beaded string (have about 15 feet of this stuff that my mom gave to me) $0

(2) D-ring hangers for backs of mirrors $4.74

Wall hangers $6.98

Boho inspired bedroomThe lamps were upcycled simply by spray painting them.  The lamps originally had a silver base and a beige lampshade.  I used my gold spray paint on the base and a coral spray paint on the lampshades to match them to the new decor.

Next up, artwork!  I added several pieces to the room, many of which I upcycled from old pieces that had been in storage for years.  One of the pieces was this large framed castle picture which had been sitting in the back of a closet for 13 years.

First, I removed the glass and spray painted the frame a solid gold with my Rustoleum gold spray paint.  Then I used Loctite general performance spray adhesive to attach a pink, white and gold marbled fabric to the top of glass.  I placed the glass back in the frame and voila, I had some new artwork for only $5.53!

For the 3 framed prints above the bed, I took 3 old pieces of artwork (an example of one of them is to the left) spray painted the silver frames gold and replaced the old prints with wrapping paper!

Framed prints using wrapping paperNext, I created this Mid-Century Modern Gold Wall Decor  for above the chest.  It only cost me $1 to make.  Yep, you read that right…ONE DOLLAR.  Check out my blog post to see how I did it.  It’s one of my Diytto projects.

The vase was upcycled by painting it white and pink and adding some hydrangea from Michaels for $11.16.  It’s a glass vase that was originally clear on the bottom and blue on the top (you can see it in its original form in the first picture in the furniture section of this post). A beautiful vase really and I debated for a long time whether or not to paint it.  Ultimately I decided to paint it because I didn’t have a place for it anywhere else, so it was just going to go into the storage closet for who knows how many years.  I decided it made more sense to make use of an old vase rather than store it and buy another.  I used latex paint so that I could scrub it off in a few years if I wanted the old vase back.

I made the “do what you love” sign on my Cricut machine using some scrapbook paper and an old picture frame that I spray painted gold.  The green bowl was used in our master bathroom until I redecorated it a few months ago (post coming soon) and it no longer matched, so I moved it in here.

The feathers were purchased from Target on clearance for $2.48 each.  They were unfinished wood feathers that I painted pink and mint green.  I finished off the bottom of one and top of the other with gold glitter nail polish.

Pink crystal chandelier

I purchased an old chandelier on OfferUp for $15. It was brass, surrounded by dark tinted glass panels and coated in about 20 years worth of dust.  I removed the glass panels (and dust), spray painted it with the coral spray paint I used on my lampshades and added crystals to it.  Between the chandelier and lampshades I used almost two cans of the coral spray paint for a total of $5.98.

For some other artwork for the room, I purchased a set of 3 flower pictures for $8 on OfferUp.  But, I got too excited about my upcycling project that I used one of the frames prior to taking my before picture, so there are only 2 here.

I purchased them because I liked the frames, I had no interest in the flower prints, so I removed those. I planned on using one to make a tray for one of the nightstands and then using the other two on the wall.

To create the tray I simply cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size and placed it on top of the glass pane. I purchased the candle on clearance from Target for $3.58, added some dachshund salt n pepper shakers we already had along with a swarovski crystal heart I had on a shelf in my office.

DIY gold tray

With the other two frames, I created these prints using my Cricut machine and some scrapbook paper.

life is short eat dessert first

The flower letters and the “wild one” sign above the closet were 2 DIY projects that cost me $6.26 to make. Check out my Easy DIY Boho Decor post to see how I made them.

flower letters

The glass vases on each nightstand where purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each.  The clear vase I used as is, adding flowers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $4.95.  The white vase was also clear and I spray painted it white, then I used nail polish to create the marbled look (search “nail polish marbling” on Pinterest to see how to do it).  Then I added flowers I had left over from a Easter centerpiece I had created.

And the final touches were the bedding.

white and gold nightstand

Materials and Cost:

Mint green quilt & sham set from Ross $29.99.

Peach blanket from TJ Max $14.99

Queen sheet set with 2 white & gold pillow cases from Kirklands $19.99

(2) Pink pillow cases (already owned) $0

(6) Pillows – already owned 4, purchased 2 from Walmart for $7.94

Geo throw pillow cover $4.89

So the grand total to redecorate our guest room was….$376.91.  Oooooh so close to my budget of $375! So close I had to add it a second time just to make sure.  Yep, $376.91.  But the good news is, I have lots of leftover supplies that can be used for my next set of projects.

I love this new room so much that I find myself sitting in here sometimes, just because.  My husband asked if I was going to move out of our bedroom and start sleeping in this room now.  I had to think about that for a minute…

Pink white green and gold bedroom

pink mint and gold bedroom

Boho inspired bedroom

Author: Nicole Bolin