Wood Staining

Put on your GLOVES, then shake the container of WOOD STAIN (labeled “WS”) to thoroughly mix the contents. Your wood stain may have come in a plastic cup, or it may have come in a tube or bottle. Reference the instructions below for your container type:

If your stain came in a cup: Leave it in the bag while you shake, just in case the container leaks. Hold the container by the top & bottom (not the sides) to ensure the lids stays on while you shake. Open the lid slowly to prevent stain from spraying off the lid as you open.

If your stain came in a tube or bottle: after shaking/mixing the stain, pour the stain into the plastic cup provided with your kit. Please note: other kit components may have been packed inside your plastic cup. Remove those items and set them aside so you can use the cup.

To stain your wood, FOLD the stain CLOTH until it is about the size of cotton ball, then dip the cloth into the cup of stain.  Rub the stain onto the wood in the same direction as the wood grain lines.  Reference your instruction sheet for which sides of the wood you should/should not stain.

Wood is like a sponge, it will only absorb so much stain, so you may not need to use all the stain in your cup. Keep in mind that this is stain, not paint, so you should still be able to see the wood through the stain.

When you are done staining you can remove your gloves.

For the cactus cutout, you will NOT stain the inside of the cactus, however you will stain the WALL of the cactus (reference arrow #1). You might find it easier to use the Q-tip provided for this part. If stain gets on the cactus, like in the photo, that is ok you just don’t want to purposely stain the cactus. As you are applying stain to the wall, note that there will be a build-up of stain on the top of the wood along the cactus outline (reference arrow #2). As this happens, quickly wipe it with your stain cloth before it dries into a “ledge”.

Preparing your paint

Use a 1/4 TEASPOON measuring spoon, to add 1/4 teaspoon of water to each cup of paint. Use the wooden stick (one for each paint color) to stir the water and paint together. Make sure to stir well to throughly mix the water into the paint. You will want to periodically stir the paint throughout the paint pouring process to keep it mixed well.

Paint Pouring

Watch the video below to learn how to create your Arizona Cactus.

After you have performed the steps in the video, reference your instruction sheet for the remaining steps.