Anthropologie Inspired Luxe Fur Bench

Faux fur bench

I see, I want,  I make.  This is how I live my life.  I saw this Luxe Fur Bench from Anthropologie and I wanted it. But I wasn’t about to pay the $847 price tag ($698 for the bench + $149 shipping).  So I decided to make it.

This DIY Luxe Fur Bench is one of my Diytto projects.  What’s a Diytto project you ask?  It’s a term I coined to describe my DIY budget-friendly version of a more expensive piece of furniture, art or decor. So instead of Ditto, it’s Diytto. This Diytto project only took me 4 hours to complete and I made it for a fraction of the price.

Supplies used for the Fur Bench:

To start, I purchased the following supplies:

  • (4) Waddell Ash End Table Leg (1.375-in x 16-in) for $4.47 each, for a total of $17.88 from Lowes.
  • (4) Waddell Metal Table Leg Angle Top Plate for $1.98 each, for a total of $7.92, from Lowes.
  • (0.667 yards) Fashion Faux Fur Crinkle Fabric 58″-Grey for a total of $14.40 (on sale for $26.99/yd, plus I had an extra 20% off coupon), from Joann.

I already had the following supplies:

  • Minwax 32-fl oz Wood Conditioner and Minwax Special Walnut Interior Stain which I used on the legs.
  • 3/4″ thick wood board.  I had this old coffee table sitting in the garage that I had picked up on Offerup for $10. I removed the table top to use for my bench.  It was 48″L x 24″W, so I cut 6″ off the width because I wanted my bench to be 18″W.  I’m glad I was able to upcycle this table.  I now have the framework left over which I will definitely upcycle into something else someday!
  • Carpet padding to pad the bench.
  • Caulk – to attach the padding to the wood.


I conditioned, sanded and stained the wood legs the night before.  The next morning, I screwed the top plates to the bottom of the wood board.

Next, I cut a piece of carpet pad to the same dimensions as the wood board.  You can use any type of foam padding, I just used carpet padding because I had it left over from some new carpet we had installed in our living room.

I used caulk to secure it to the top of the board.  I didn’t use any type of chemical adhesive (E-6000, superglue, etc.) because I didn’t know if the chemicals would eat away at the foam padding, but they may have worked just fine.  Then, I laid the board on top of the carpet pad and waited 30 minutes for the caulk to adhere.

For the next step, I placed the wood board with attached pad on top of my faux fur, then used my staple gun to staple the fabric all the way around the wood board.  I stapled about every 6 inches.  

Stapled faux fur to wood and screwed in legs

Finally, I screwed the legs in, flipped it over, and voila! an Anthropologie Inspired Luxe Fur Bench for only $40! If you like this Diytto project, check out my Target Inspired DIY Mid-Century Modern Gold Wall Decor Project.

Faux fur bench
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Author: Nicole Bolin